Family Counseling

sankalpfoundation also provides family counseling services for families facing different challenges. Families may approach us for resolving their issues such as the changing life styles, generation gap, maladjustments, communication gap as also any and every sort of practical problems of blended life. We also deal with children's issues, including school adjustment, learning problems, adolescent peer group problem and general parenting issues, and of course with the realities of today's growing population of members in senior age group. We often help families deal with parent issues, such as declining health, care giving and coping with changing environments.

Behavioral issues practically associated with home include insomnia, nightmares, sleepwalking and sleep talking , grinding of teeth, masturbation , excessive sex curiosity with heterosexual interests and activities, thumb sucking, nail biting, temper tantrums, breath holding, disobedience, arrogance, stubbornness, incompatibility with parents and sibling, difficulty in making friends, undesirable companions etc.

Maladjusted behaviors associated with home and neighborhoods include lying, swearing, cantankerous attitude, destructive attitude, incorrigibility, bullying, teasing, cruelty etc.

Serious problems related with social adjustment are delinquencies such as robbery, truancy, sex delinquency, begging, gambling, cruelty, homicide and suicide. Personality problems include aggressiveness, excessive submissiveness or withdrawing behavior such as inferiority feeling, exclusiveness, shyness, hypersensitivity, self centeredness, conceit, jealousy, day-dreaming, anxiety, absentmindedness, slyness, suspiciousness, feeling of being persecuted and the like.