Special Needs

WORLD believes that the social injustice can significantly be reduced if the target beneficiaries can be empowered by providing development opportunities together with capacity building training and post training support services.

The present project proposal for the person with special needs will definitely make a remarkable change in their life and WORLD has taken this training program as a challenge to prove the only service provider of this type in the country. As the other service providers do not intervene with similar care.

Community involvement or people participation will be central to the planning and management of special schools and implementation of strategies. Community participation could be operationalised through formation of community groups like center committees village Education Committees etc. These committees will undertake the following activities and responsibilities.

  • Selection of Education Volunteers.
  • Provision physical facilities to the special needs
  • Deciding the time of the school.
  • Overseeing the day-to-day running of the vocational training.
  • Motivation of parents.

Learner centered and participatory approaches in learning with extensive adoption of Teaching-Learning Material made of locally available cost effective materials, will sustain the learning process. Frequent meetings and consultations with the experts, regular monitoring of the progress and in-service training to the staff will result in quick attainment of project objectives.