About Us

“SANKALP FOUNDATION” founded by MRS. VAISHALY MITTAL in Public Charitable. Mrs. Vaishaly Mittal is actively working as a social worker since the completion of her education. She decided to give the GOLDEN FIN through a better platform being a trust, It shall be charitable trust without any object of profit making and shall operate / render services throughout India without distinction of caste, colour and creed.

  • Mr. RAJEEV MITTAL (Senior Vice President)
  • Mr. SATYABHUSHAN JAIN (Vice President)

The object of the said Trust, generally, is carrying out of Public Charitable Work in its widest meaning. The trustees shall in their wisdom apply the surplus income, or even the corpus, for the attainment of this object. The Trustees shall have wide discretion to choose which Charitable Work to carry on and how to carry on, without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing object, and only by way of giving a directive in that regard. Some of these objects have been enumerated below:

The Aims and Object of the said trust shall be purely for Charitable Purpose; which includes relief to the poor, women, child, and backward class in the terms of Education, Health, Social, Medical Relief and the advancement of any other objects of general public utility.

* To provide & educate peoples for treatment of health, mentally & spiritual through different types of medical pathies of free or concessional services to the poor and needy persons of both rural and urban areas.

* To provide sound education to children to all communities irrespective of their religion, cast or creed in general and to prepare them to become mature and responsible citizens of the country through the all round physical, intellectual, academic, mental and spiritual development based on values derived from the life.

* To start, establish, run, and maintain schools with an object to provide sound pre-primary, primary, secondary, senior secondary and higher education to children by seeking recognition and affiliation from the education department and concerned Govt. authorities.

* To Establish, Maintain, Run, Develop, support and promote Schools, Colleges, Institutes, Social Service Centers, Yoga , Naturopathy Treatment & Training Center, Cultural and social Institutions, vocational and Technical Institution and allied education Institutions anywhere in India, in urban, rural and backward areas and/or to provide financial assistance and other facilities to such institutions.

* To establish, run, maintain, run, develop, support, promote and grant aid in cash or kind to advance technical educational colleges including Engineering and Diploma College, Medical Colleges, Para-Medical Colleges, Management Education Institute, Computer Institute, Yoga Teacher training and specialized studies and research institute to provide high class education for B.E/B.Tech./B.Arc/B.ED/M.ED/N.T.T. course and other related courses to the students,

* To promote the culture of counselling to the students, general public to assist them to shape their carrier irrespective of the cast, creed and social status.

* To Provide Scholarship from other institutes/colleges to the poor, girls, woman, needy, backward class, meticulous etc.

* To grant scholarships or provide financial aid to Indian students for studies in Educational, Technical or Research Institutions in India or abroad.

* To give prizes or establish chair/scholarship for excellence in studies to Indian students studying in various schools, colleges or universities.

* To establish educational institutions and/or to provide financial assistance and other facilities for such institutions.

* To provide Education that prepare students for the social responsibility, integrated teaching that enable them to think and communicate affectivity and develop awareness and sensitivity for a better global understanding. World peace and unity.

* To provide carrier oriented for education to brilliant and deserving students and also to provide good library for educational purposes. To provide monetary and other assistance for enabling deserving students to prosecute studies in schools and colleges and institutions imparting professional, vocational, commercial and technical education and providing fees, books and scholarship to such candidates.

* To provide the arrangement of tours & Travels of Holy Religious Temples & sight seeing places.

* To promote foreign investments and technical know how from other countries within the permissible norms and out sourcing activities

* To promote National as well as international integration

* To promote and motivate the people for social work for the society and general welfare of the locality.

* To undertake advocacy efforts by organizing seminars, conferences, publication of booklet. Magazines, newspaper and reports, other forms of media like Radio, TV and allied modes etc to appraise, make aware, get noticed the general public and public official about the best practices in good governance and promote their implementation

* To support voluntary organization initiating enhancing and sustaining alternatives in the field of the health, education, computer technology, distance education, internet

* To Approach DDA, MCD, HUDA and other State Govts. Or any other concerned agency for allotment of land to open and run Nursery, Pr-Primary, Primary, Middle and senior Secondary schools, colleges, universities, Institutes, Hospitals, I.T. park etc. for the poor folk irrespective of cast, creed and social status and obtain any of the aims and objectives.

* To grant scholarships or provide financial aid to poor / meritorious students in the field of education.

* To provide for the marriage solemnization and other related functions at the cost of trust of deserving families who cannot afford.

* To help the widows, to arrange the marriages of their daughters of weaker section.

* To establish, manage, maintain and run homes, institutions for the welfare and relief of the poor handicapped, old, orphans, widows etc. for their educational training in household and cottage industries.

* To open branches where ever considered expedient for the promotion of above objects.

* To promote interest in general public in Indian art, culture, music and thus spread this culture far and wide.

* To translate, print, publish, circulate and distribute appropriate material for distribution of useful knowledge through magazine, newspapers, pamphlets or other printing mode for the development and promotions.

* To establish, acquire, run, aid, assist, finance and maintain hospitals, institutes and dispensaries with equipment and facilities, including diagnostic and therapeutic facilities, surgical and other modern facilities and equipment and with such infrastructural facilities as deemed fit and at such place or places as deemed fit.

* To implement various health and sanitation programs and to help in implementation of various health and sanitation programs which have been started by Government of India.

* To actively engage in community development and social uplift of poor communities.

* To establish and maintain offices, schools, institutions, welfare hostels, ashrams, laboratories, clinics and hospitals all over India for practical day to day living in a moral, social and spiritual life.

* To undertake the activities such as imparting of education, providing relief to weaker section of the society, senior citizens, widow, poor children and other needy persons.

* To secure and promote to interests of trust in all possible ways including the holding of the seminars for promotion of the education system moral values, environment consciousness and awareness of contemporary social issues.

* To promote and to render assistance/service to the poor and marginalized groups of Indian Society, such as landless and exploited handicapped, widows, destitute, street children, aged and the victims of disaster and calamities.

* To co-operate with the assist the Government of India and other social service agencies / group in carrying out activities that are aimed at the welfare and care of the people of India.

* To assist and co-operative the other association, trust and the various N.G.O. whose aims are same like this Trust.

* To do all such things as may be necessary / incidental or conducive to the attainment of all or any of the objects of the trust.

* To bring, publish, sell and distribute books, periodicals, leaflets, brochures and papers and also to open and maintain libraries, reading rooms for the promotion of the objects of the trust.

* To construct own building of the trust in order to achieve the objects of the trust and for achieving greater co-ordination.

* To work with the trust/society/NGO with having similar objects.

* To grant relief and assistance to the needy victims during natural calamities such as faming, earth quake, fire flirt etc. and give donation and other assistance to the institutions, establishment and person engaged in such relief work.

* To construct, alter, maintain, sell, lease, mortgage, transfer, improve, manage and/ or develop all any part of the society or the building of the above society necessary or convenient for the purpose of the attainment of the aims and objects of the society. * To establish orphanage and women hostels.

* To open, found, establish, promote, set-up, run, maintain, assist, finance, support and /or to help the various charitable educational, industrial technical/non technical, vocation, agricultural and community development programs for all and all over in India.

* To collect notices, notifications, policies information, from the Govt., Semi Govt., N.G.O’S and other national, International agencies and provide and the general public.