Sankalp Foundation, one of the social activity associations, engaged in creating awareness of eye donation among the common people.

An NGO- a resource center for all eye banks and organizations involved in the eye donation movement. The main objectives of Sankalp Foundation are to increase collection of eyes from all over the country and to educate the public about eye donation and prevention of corneal blindness.

Eye donation is an act of donating one’s eyes after his/her death. Only corneal blinds can be benefitted through this process not other Blinds. It is an act of charity, purely for the benefit of the society and is totally voluntary. It is done after death. The eye donation of the deceased can be authorized by the next of kith & kin even if the deceased did not pledge to donate his / her eyes before death.

work on eye donation and to generate mass awareness in public regarding eye donation and its importance. We are into the field of giving awareness to the people for ‘donating eyes’ after their death.